Acacia Confusa- 'Tree of life'
  • So I am staying on Lamma Island Hong Kong right now and there is a tree that grows everywhere here called Acacia confusa. None of the locals seem to know about its psychoactive properties. The root bark contains a very high about of DMT. Ive read that it is quite a bit more potent than Mimosa tenuiflora and you don't even need an MAO. It is orally active without one. From what Ive gathered there is very little information on this tree and it being active without an MAO but many reports online say that it is. Has anyone heard or tried Acacia Confusa before? I will be trying it soon without an MAO and will report back.
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  • Can't wait to hear your report.
  • Cool!
  • Yep...will be definitely interested in reading a report as well.
  • I must say, after just a quick google, it really does sound rather intriguing.
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