Mark Zuckerberg announces new organ donor initiative for Facebook
  • As it stands now, there are over 113,000 Americans waiting for organ transplants, and of those, 18 on average die each day before getting the organ they desperately need.

    Zuckerberg, who was motivated by his Medical student girlfriend and Steve Jobs' own successful organ transplant, believes that Facebook can help connect those in need of organs with organ donors. In short, Zuckerberg is aiming to save lives by increasing the number of registered organ donors.

    In an interview with Good Morning America on ABC, Zuckerberg explained how users in the US and UK will now be able to update their Facebook profile to indicate whether or not they are organ donors. Users will then list the state and country they live in while also describing, if they so choose, why they chose to be an organ donor. The idea is that this will not only increase the number of registered organ donors, but also help spread awareness about an issue that most people don't know much about or are potentially apprehensive to think about.

    “We want to make it simple,” Zuckerberg explained. “You just put in the state or country that you’re from, so that we can help link you to the official registries.”

    To indicate that you're a willing donor, simply go to your Facebook timeline, click on Life Event, and there will appear a 'health and wellness' section.
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  • first he took your photos, then he tracked your movements, now he wants your ORGANS?!?
  • Just wait till hit man teams show up to your house to 'harvest' the organs you donated to Facebook
  • Cool so if I ever need an organ now I know where to find the donates and just have them run into an unfortunate accident.
  • Cool initiative.

    If we would just legalize organ selling there'd be no wait list. I've seen studies where they've calculated the market clearing price - meaning at that price there'd be a zero wait list.
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  • I don't have a doner card, I however want people to take my organs when I die. Allll of them, including my corneas. Everyone I know is the same but nobody has a doner card;. As much as I hate facebook and zuckerburg by association, this is a damn good Idea. I think there's a country where organ donation is manditory unless you opt out, I think most people aren't doners just out of laziness or lack of knowledge.

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