Message from Alaje777 from the pleadies.
  • It is time we unite the collective with love and compassion. This video will raise your vibration instantly if you are open in your heart chakra. Alaje does the beautiful music, editing, and artwork to create the most uplifting and informative video possible. Can you feel it?


  • Thanks for this. Love this stuff - it resonates with me so much. SO looking forward to the next 7 months or so...
  • Namaste Cosmic Sense. Our family is awakening. It's already happening brother!!

    Much love.
  • I will have more to contribute tomorrow
    Have you guya hear the Pleadies channel on Conversations with Matt Dwyer? Her name is Nora and she made my girlfriend bawl. Beautiful words
    When in doubt zoom out
  • No I have not, but I'll check it out now.

    Thank you.
  • In other words....LOVE the vampires ;p
  • Yes! what better way to freak out the program?
  • Regardless if the pleiadians are like what they're being portrayed as by channelers (or not), the whole concept is pretty sexy and appealing. I had an alien encounter the 30th of may this year (first time I've had an encounter since the age of 14) and I'm starting to think it was a pleiadian female (according to what i've read on the web). She was not physical at all, just pure energetic female energy hovering above me (while i was lifted 2 inches up from the bed). Now, what she told me telepathically is a bit personal, but the peace, love and harmony you feel around them is fucking unbelievable. So when it's stated when their only resource of power to do what they can do is love... I don't have any doubt in mind about that.
  • I'm very interested to learn more about your encounter.
  • I wrote something here yesterday, but after so many years i managed to man myself up to make a video about this like 10 hours ago. WHAT A RELIEF!

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  • @ Nostradamus
    That was a cool video man. It sounded like it took a lot of courage to come out and talk about it after all that time. So if I was looking to 'meet' these entities, I just do what you talked about at the end of the video? Im serious about this. I don't want to be abducted or anything. I just want to learn and experience.
  • @Mr_Marijuana

    @ Nostradamus
    That was a cool video man. It sounded like it took a lot of courage to come out and talk about it after all that time. So if I was looking to 'meet' these entities, I just do what you talked about at the end of the video? Im serious about this. I don't want to be abducted or anything. I just want to learn and experience.

    Sorry for the late response, didn't notice your comment until now.
    I made another video about asking for signs. But since i'm already writing I might as well just tell right away.

    Basically, the mind works like a parachute, it only works when it's open. If you are open, and if you are asking for signs in your dreams. Not only ask them, but tell yourself to show you what you are capable of... You should be planted with some ''seeds'' either at a conscious or subconscious level. It doesn't happen everytime, but be extra aware of unusual names, maps and faces in dreams. That's easy to say I know.

    I had a very very odd name coming in one of my dreams a couple of weeks ago [Yllitel Travexx]. It was a name that felt meaningful too me so I wrote it down immediately ... haven't really got any more info on the name thingie yet.

    Anyway, write down your dreams and read them every once in a while so you become more aware of dream patterns. This will make you remember your dreams wayyyy more often. That's all I have for now.

    Oh... and another thing. Happened a couple of days after the alien experience video, when I was making a new one. Got a UFO on camera.... when I was speaking about receiving signs, lol.... wayyy tooo coincidental that I was talking about that shit AND having the camera on.

    22:35 ..... what the fuck... wind blowing another way, it was far bigger than a normal plastic bag or anything. No noise, really fast.

  • Its a giant ladybug!
  • Thanks for the response man. It's been really crazy with all the synchronicities happening on an almost daily basis. I haven't been 'officially' visited that I know of, however, my dreams have always been very vivid to where I could almost be lucid, but not quite as I don't have the training.

    I will say I have recurring dreams of the same places that may or may not be on Earth. One night in particular about a year or two ago, I had a dream where I and other people were at some kind of large, open beach aquarium. The ocean was this beautiful Royal Blue and the sand looked like it was made of gold. My first reaction was that I was being shown what Heaven looks like. We were all then shown what life looked like under the water. The coral reefs, and all the life teeming underneath the surface were all vibrant colors swirling around, doing their thing. I don't remember anything after this, but the dream always resonated with me because I'd never seen colors so beautiful and vibrant in my waking hours. The feeling I did exhibit was a need to go back ever since the experience.

    Not sure I was being visited or not, but I never once got the sense that anything was working against my will. I have experienced a shift in consciousness, however, and after watching some of the Alaje777 videos, I was compelled to check out other videos pertaining to Pleiadians and Pleiades in order to get a fuller understanding of what they're about.

    Strongest synch took place last weekend(amounted to a damn religious experience!), along with a personal realization followed. I've tried talking to people, my fiancee doesn't quite understand but she's been extremely supportive. Haven't told mom yet, however, if I tried telling other people about these times of synchronicity, they'd probably think I was nuts. The only person that really sat down and took the time to listen to me is a co-worker who introduced me to the St. Germain series of books(Ascended Masters) and follows that path. She couldn't say anything about Pleiadians or Pleiades, she didn't know, and didn't 'give' me any real advice, but since I've done research into how all these beings, the Ascended Masters, other entities, including us fit in with each other and it makes sense on an intuitive level where organized religion and practice never did.
  • The very fact that you are drawn to this whole thing means that you most likely carry something alien-related unconsciously. That is how the journey usually unfolds, by doing the seeking and finding more of what resembles an answer. Every clue triggers you more and more and makes you ready for a real conscious encounter. A lot of people who have begged to meet aliens (and they were visited shortly after) blacked out or went unconscious 2-3 seconds after getting a glimpse of them. It´s because they are vibrating at a very different frequency, the 4D one. That´s the reason why I perceived the male entity in my room the first time as Transparent looking... because they have to vibrate as low as they can without losing touch with their reality, but still be within what we can observe in 3d... so they are kinda see through.... just like a radio tuned near a channel, but not exactly. the channel will only partially be heard.

    Thats why its important to raise ones frequency and openness so that they don´t have to do much of an effort to actually be visible to us.

    Well, there tiny greys are half biological/half mechanical... basically slaves created/Degenerated from the tall grey ones to do all the shitty work down here in 3D reality. Too bad really, I feel sorry for the degenerated greys and how they have been treated.
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  • Thanks for the information. Yeah I haven't tried meditation yet, I'm not sure how to properly but I am looking into it. Something tells me that is the key to something more. Just hope I don't black out. I want to interact with something this awesome!

    That's another thing. I've heard conflicting reports of greys and Annunaki, Some say they're benevolent, while others say they are working together to control humanity. I've heard others say the Reptilians fooled humanity into thinking they are the Annunaki and they are actually working with Greys to keep our DNA from evolving in order to control us.
  • @Mr_Marijuana

    Meditation is haaaaaard to get into if think of it as something new you are going to implement into your life. It´s easy if you decide to just do it 15-20 minutes a day for just a week... you won´t be able to quit after the 7th day because of the obvious benefits, you are tricking yourself into a behavour pattern by not thinking of it as something permanently in your life, but rather a test period of 7 days.

    I´ve heard a lot of that anunnaki/grey/reptilian scenario you mention. Rarely do that type of information come from contactees themselves, but researchers who make conclusions based on Fearful regression therapy sessions, and history research into ancient times. I´d favor the contactees (for now), but who knows.... they might be deceived themselves, but I really don´t think so. (And, remember Aubrey Marcus on JRE, the ibogaine episode?... I found the answer the plant gave to him about aliens REALLY fascinating)

    Here´s an example of a lady who had a LOT of conscious memories with the tiny greys... and she clearly states that they are good... or at least their agenda. But that there´s some grey factions who are not good to. Both answers are right. Just found this video like a week ago... very interesting

    Part 1 - starts at 10:05
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  • Cool, thanks for the replies all. @ mr marijuana, ask that St. Germain Lady if she's read the book, "Adventures of a Western Mystic, Apprentice to the masters". The guy, who is actually my father in laws old friend, Peter Mt. Shasta, documents his work with St. Germain and a few other Ascended masters whom he actually meets in the flesh at a few key points. Great book, life changing in fact. Anyways, at one point he hops on a UFO with St. Germain and Semjase, a pleiadian female who has been working with earth since the billy meyer days. Ascended Masters and positive E.t.s such as the pleiadians, go hand in hand.
  • @nostradamus, I listened to that episode and took note of that as well. Too bad Rogan brushed it off as just one mans experience. Many people have been saying our Dna has been and Is being worked on by what we would call Aliens. Very fascinating indeed.
  • Yeah that portion of the podcast always stuck with me as well as Aubrey's vision of what God or The Creator actually is. I feel as though things are now fitting into place and the answers are now revealing themselves through synchronicity. Let's keep this thing going!!!

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