PEX Summer Festival / Escape Pod Earth
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    Has anyone been to the past PEX Summer Festivals? Anyone planning on going this year?

    I have a couple close friends who have been going for years, but for one reason or another I've never made it. This year, my soon to be wife and I are definitely going. Those friends got approved to do an installation this year, and I'm really looking forward to seeing it and experiencing this festival.

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  • piezopiezo
    This weekend, I had the pleasure of getting a sneak preview of Escape Pod Earth, which is an art installation by my friends Alex Kane and Eriq Ellixson. This thing is mind blowing.

    Escape Pod Earth is a 12 foot tall geodesic sphere. The top half has projection screens stretched all over it. There are a ton of LED strips around the circumference, and a spiral around the apex. There is a 10 foot trampoline tarp stretched about a third of the way up so that you can climb in and become totally immersed in the experience.

    They've been working on this thing for months. On Saturday they did a dry run of setting it up. It took 9 hours to put together.

    Here's a picture of it in the afternoon, mid-building:

    Here is a video of the outside. The projections weren't quite aligned yet, but it gives you a pretty good idea of how neat this thing is gonna be:

    Finally, here is a video taken from inside the sphere:

    I can't wait for this weekend!
  • piezopiezo
    Oh wow, Alex made a better video than both of mine.

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