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  • eyedea was an alien. the ufo swooped by earth in 1981, punted him out the door and shouted "we'll pick you up in 28 years... show these chuckleheads how its done!"
  • I forgot to post CYNE!

    This has turned into quite the thread!

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  • Benefit is sick

  • this thread would make a great playlist

  • JoshJosh
    What would Don Genaro do?
  • JoshJosh
    What would Don Genaro do?
  • Khalil Nova armed with his 808's of death clothed with Egyptian and Hindu deitys avid anime fan is a Rapper/Producer whose style is described as Supernova, a few albums and mixtapes already out "The Art Of Trancendence" is dropping soon..
  • I hadn't heard that cunninglinguist track yet, so sick. Bookmark this bitch for sure!

    contributing. Really listen to this one. "Need no stilts to reach the stars/Teach the kids to reach with their heads and they each will be yours." Conscious as it gets.

    I already posted this one on a different thread but it deserves a repost.

  • Oh snap I forgot Moke and Tone!
  • @Josh that is one of my favorite Atmosphere songs !
  • JoshJosh
    ath3n4 said:

    @Josh that is one of my favorite Atmosphere songs !

    The first time i heard it i shed a single tear. Not many songs have ever had that power over me.
    What would Don Genaro do?
  • JoshJosh
    I fuckin love this song :)
    What would Don Genaro do?
  • lets keep this thread goin! another oldie but goodie:

  • 'And any man who knows a thing knows, he knows not a damn, damn thing at all."

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  • Destiny Lab has been making conscious based hip hop for almost 25 years....longer than some of these other clowns have been alive....Arkalogik is known as the founder of the Real Truth Music movement....not boasting....just stating facts....Show me anyone who digs deeper. We have over 70 songs exposing deceptions and proclaiming truth and working on the new album exposing transhumanism and the mark of the beast.

    Irreducible complexity and molecular machines

    The Bohemian Grove

    The 2012 Deception

    Sleep Paralysis and abductions

    Government and Prison corruption


    End Times Prophecy

    Interdimensional Warfare

    The Alien Rapture scenario

    Evolve or Die

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    Are you absolutely sure that there are no absolutes?

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