Giving up things for lent?
  • Anyone do this? I'm not religious and I've never done this before, but I like the idea of abstaining in order to prove something to yourself or to simply experiment. Lent started on the 22nd and goes until easter. I've decided to give up meat and cigarettes. Anyone with me?
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  • I'm with you man!
    I'm giving up asceticism and sexual abstinence.
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  • ^^interesting going the other way with this one... but hey if that's what your life calls for, why not?
  • I didn't give anything up for any religious reasons but when I thought about the concept of it all I realised there's probably a lot of things I couldn't give up so I decided to try to avoid alcohol. Seems like an interesting self experiment.
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  • If i feel the need to give something up, because it's affecting me in a negative way, I will give it up. The idea of giving up something purely because of a religious holiday, just seems retarded.

    Common sense should dictate what you choose to do or not do in your life, not some obscure traditional holiday, that's been embedded into a homophobic religion.

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  • Personally I didn't do it because of any religious holiday, it was merely a conversation about lent led to a conversation about abstaining from things. I think self evaluation is pretty healthy regardless of what really caused it
    Roses grow on the graves of dead children - The Holy Father Duncan Trussell
  • Yeah sure, it's nothing but positive to be able to give up drinking, i've never been a big drinker, but my father is a heavy alcoholic so i know how tough it can be for some people.

    Good for you man.
    "I got stuck in a cravarse on the moun-tain."
  • I gave up my wrist watch.
    Like all Christian endeavours, lent probably came from something cool that some bunch of fuckfaces stole and perverted. I also made pancakes for supper for me and my kid on Friday, three days late. I'm not sure where that one came from either, but pancakes for supper is pretty cool.
    I like quitting things.
  • I gave up shaving but then felt guilty turning up for work with a half grown beardy mess all over my face. That was a stupid idea. I'm pretty good at having stupid ideas.

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