What is Deathsquad?
  • KHAN
    Who and what is Deathsquad? Discuss.

    a) The name Opie from O & A gave to Joe Rogan's crew
    b) An internet channel of podcasts from various LA comedians run by Brian Redban
    c) Both
    d) This shit is fucked up and bullshit
  • I don't know nor do I find it very important anymore. Originally, it was a place where a lot of people I enjoyed listening to congregated to produce podcasts. Now, it is a source of contention apparently.

    It was such a turn-off on the Ari argument podcast when the discussion devolved into branding, membership, treehouse clubs, and semantics. This is why labels should be carefully employed.
  • We are the deathsquad. All together....

    Ommmmmm Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Deathsquad is a loose comic collective that seems to have been hijacked and trademarked by Brian Reichle/Redban. Joe Rogan owns the truest claim to the name, but it's pretty pretty apparent that Redban is claiming exclusive rights to the title. Just listen to him rip Freddy Lockhart a new asshole for using the name on the Icehouse Chronicles #17.
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    Everyone needs to get together and do mushrooms... Shroomfest is coming!
  • piezopiezo
    e) All of the above

    It's really confusing. I really like redban. When I started listening to the JRE about two years ago, I didn't know who he was and felt like he always took away from the show. Then after a while I realized that he was growing on me, and I also realized that the show was only possible because of redban. I don't know if Joe would have figured out how to do a podcast on his own. Regardless of if you like him or not, or if you think someone else could be doing a better job, you've got to recognize that he is the one who made the podcast possible (not popular, possible).

    Brian seems to flip flop a lot on what he thinks Deathsquad is all about. He talks about Deathsquad Studio, right next door to the Icehouse, but then I see redban studio all over the place, as if the two are interchangeable. Recently he's been flip flopping mid sentence about what defines Deathsquad.

    I know the back story about O&A and where the name came from, and I think that originally it was a great crew, but now it's something different. Brian totally hijacked Deathsquad and it's quite diluted. He bought the deathsquad.tv domain with what I assume were good intentions, but it seems like he's made it to be all about him. The podcasts that originated on deathsquad.tv and are continuing now elsewhere would appear to have just stopped according to the Deathsquad site. If Deathsquad really were all about promoting this tight knit core group of friends/comedians, you'd think that there would be a mention of where those podcasts went and where you can get new episodes.

    One of the more confusing things about Deathsquad happened a few weeks ago when redban put up DEATHSQUAD #18, which was him and Pamela Walt (who I'd never heard of before) one on one, recanting her first mushroom experience where the two of them and another friend were holed up in a super shady motel. Don't get me wrong, I'll say again that I've learned to really like Brian. I just don't see what this has anything to do with Deathsquad unless Deathsquad is interchangeable with redban.

    My last point in this stupid long post will be about the upcoming "Deathsquad Mini-Tour" where Joey Diaz and Brian are doing a handful of shows together. I love them both, and I really wish that I could make it out to see one of those shows. Again, however, Deathsquad and redban seem to have become totally interchangeable.
  • This is a really good question. In the recent Ari episode of JRE Redban Joe pondered whether he should decide what it is (I subscribe to this).

    Redban suggested during this discussion that it isn't just his organization.

    The title of DeathSquad.tv reads -

    DEATHSQUAD - The Podcasts of Brian Redban
    Mumia Abu-Jamal is in a jail cell dropping truth. Obama's in the Wite House dropping bombs.
    Which one got the Nobel Peace Prize?

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