• ordered mine last night!!!! Wish i was wearing it now...
  • Fantastic news everybody! Sure Design T-Shirts has offered to handle international shipping for us. All credit goes to the amazing @MysteryBuddha for that one!


    That means you can now pre-order your DTFH t-shirt from anywhere around the world! So please do! Do that now. Now!

    Happy days! Will order after my exam tomorrow as I ride the wave of positive energy
  • Just ordered mine too! I hope large isn't too big!
  • International shipping, WOOT!
    Ordered 2 tees, it's the least I can do for Duncan. Would have ordered a chaos poster also, but couldn't. :(
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  • JahRagsJahRags
    International shipping! You beautiful, beautiful merchants you. Ordering all three. - Get your bottle homie, po' some out.
  • nice, just ordered the illuminati one looking forward to it.
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  • is it possible to change my order? i chose a large, but who am i kidding? let's face it, i'm a medium. the name on the order is robert love. thanks

    No problem, I've updated your order.

    thanks, stig. you're awesome in everything you do for this site. i thank you on behalf of the entire duncan trussell family. namaste
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  • Are the shirts preshrunk?
  • Are the shirts preshrunk?

    yes sir.

  • Could I get mine changed to a medium also then? I'm used to buying large and having it shrink. Name on the order is Travis Schwan....

    Sorry about being wishy washy.
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  • Just ordered :)
  • can we get the DTFH logo on white so the arrows are more distinct? (off white even better, we're a bunch of dirty fucks in here)
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  • Stig_AdminStig_Admin
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    Could I get mine changed to a medium also then? I'm used to buying large and having it shrink. Name on the order is Travis Schwan....

    Sorry about being wishy washy.

    No problem.

    FYI to anyone else who might be considering a size change - I can only do it on the forum like this if I can confirm that you are who you say you are. Travis & Rob's forum accounts both have the same e-mails as their orders, so I was able to confirm their identities. If I can't confirm who you are then I can't update the order.
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  • Stig_AdminStig_Admin
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    This is the final day to pre-order your shirts, guys! We're shutting down pre-orders tonight, May 15th, at 11:59pm PST.

    If you've been hesitating about pre-ordering your shirt here are some things to consider:

    • All pre-order shirts are just $19.99! Once the shirts go on general sale this will bump up to $21.99
    • In case you missed it, we're now shipping shirts internationally.
    • If you wait to order you won't be able to get your shirt until the middle of June.
    • We're not renewing all of the designs! Once the Meditation and Illuminati shirts are sold out they're gone forever. They've already sold over 100 shirts each in the last 10 days, so expect them to go fast!
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  • Just ordered a medium meditation :). Woulda got a poster too if UK shipping was available. Gotta say I'm impressed how cheap the international shipping is!
  • OMG!!! Please don't sell out of the logo long sleeved hoodie one!!! I was trying to order one just now but I had some trouble with my billing address on my new mastercard of hell spawn. I will be ordering it in two days at the most!! Size large :D I can't wait to feel that sweet sure design fabric against my angelic skin :D <3<br />

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