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    Anyone else here like Turbonegro? When i think of my top 10 favorite bands across all Genre's, Turbonegro is in there. If you like party rock and roll punk awesomeness, check these dudes.
    From Ass Cobra

    From Never is Forever

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  • Goddamn I have not heard the name Turbo Negro for at least ten years
    Here we all feel alive, Here we use our minds, Let us form together, Use our minds, Recreate, redesign Here forever
    With a new world in our hands We will gain control
  • Love them! just sad that hank has become cursed by the scientology churce...
  • MK667MK667
    Is he a scientologist now? I heard he was a heroin addict there for a while. Whats your favorite Turbonegro album?
  • yes, the scientologi church took him in and helped him get over drugs, thats a good thing tho. But when he got clean, he was all over media and talked about how the scientologi church helped him find enlightenment, lol, he was even a judge on norwegian idol and started spreading scientologi bullshit all over.
  • oh and...asscobra and scandinavian leather is favorite!
  • MK667MK667
    Ohhhhhh shit. Well i suppose thats better than him ODing in some shitty motel somewhere. Asscobra and Apocalypse Dudes for me.
  • I'm a big fan of Never is Forever, Ass Cobra, Apocalypse Dudes and Scandinavian Leather. After that I feel like they lost their way a little bit. Has anyone heard the new stuff with a different singer? I tried to give it a chance but wasn't into it. Hank also has a new band called Dr. Midnight & the Mercy Cult....
  • I agree with you man. They have a few good songs in the bunch after Apocalypse dudes but it didnt seem as fun afterwards. I havent heard the new guy yet, have they done an album with him? I heard he was doing some live dates for that Turbojugend fest but that was the last i heard.
  • They have an album coming out called "Sexual Harassment". I heard the first single and I wasn't into it. I wish they would have just started a new band rather than fuck with the Turbo legacy. Although they kind of fucked with it with Party Animals and Retox in my opinion....
  • that song sailorman is the only one I like, the rest of what I heard seems like it's directed at 12 yr olds
    "It's blue cheese dressing or go fuck your mother"
  • Bummerhigh check out Hobbit Motherfuckers and Just Flesh off of the Ass Cobra album. The lyrics in a lot of turbonegro songs are pretty juvenile but the music rips dude!
  • Big fan up to Party Animals. The rest doesn't resonate with me.
  • Killer new album by the filthy Gods! Rock n roll for people with filthy sexual taste who can appreciate a syphilis-affected pussy (Duncan in ep.30), hehehe!
  • Turbojugend Cin City here! So happy to see that people that are into Duncan are into Turbonegro. I dig the new album, its different for sure but it's still filthy sleazy sexual rock and roll. Turbonegro must be destroyed!!
  • I love ass cobra and apocalypse dudes, not to stoked about their newest singer

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