cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome
  • 2013 Update In Posts Below.

    Has anyone herd of this? I stumbled upon this today while searching for whats wrong with me. I have had morning sickness and starving pains above my bellybutton for a few months but the past day it has been constant and marijuana dosnt provide relief like it normally would. Ill be going to the family doctor tomorrow.
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  • @behaviorist I actually dont think thats what I have anymore. I have looked into peptic ulcers and think I have that, the area of pain and hunger seems to match. I tried the hot showers earlier and it did not seem to help.
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    A few years back when I was 17 I started having symptoms like you describe. I was convinced I had a peptic ulcer. I went to the doctor and he suggested it may be caused by anxiety. I don't know if your condition is psychological or physical but know that anxiety is a possible cause. Here's how I figured it out:

    I was a really anxious kid at the time but never correlated my knotted burning pit-of-hell stomach with my anxiety. That feeling had become constant in my life for a while before I realized it's cause. The doctor prescribed me klonopin, which is a pretty fucked up thing to be introducing to a teenager. It did however solve my stomach troubles instantly. It didn't fix me, that takes work. Stay away from pharms and heal yourself from within, by choosing what your hand puts in your mouth and also choosing what you do with your mind.
  • @thechosenone hope you feel better!
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  • thanks @behaviorist!
    I just got an upper GI done ill keep you guys posted!
    Thank god for podcasts distracting me.
  • Good luck brotha
  • Just wanted to update this thread after almost a year. These symptoms are showing up more and more in people who smoke massive amounts. I had to quit smoking and haven't in over a month. Iv been seeing a very good gastroenterologist at the largest university hospital in the city. He has seen this showing up more and more in cannabis smokers and advised me to stop immediately. I still wake up with hunger pangs throughout the night but not nearly as much. I haven't even looked up the term in quite a while but its popping up all over forums. Whatever this CHS is is real. Many of the popular smoking forums dismiss it and call the posters trolls etc so I just thought Id share. Be careful, smoke organic grown from a reliable source and use in moderation :D Just to throw it out there I was vaping 90 percent of the time (da buddha vape) so I'm not sure this really has to do with the smoke. Im curious to see what new research comes out of all this and how much more it shows up in the future with legalization, cannabis becoming more popular, and people being less afraid to tell their doctors they smoke all day.
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  • Just goes to show it's so much safer to grow your own. If you have to buy it, it may have passed through someone's hands looking to poison you. When I used to buy, I wouldn't be surprised if it was passed down by numerous groups. I wonder how it is from a dispensary? Is this only in the US, or other places, like Canada or the Netherlands? Weed making anyone sick reeks bullshit. I believe it's happening, but I don't think it's the pot itself. It's probably being laced by some nefarious force. That's my guess, anyway.
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  • Im not sure. But remember some weed makes you hungry. It does do something. We don't know everything there is to know about it yet.

    It I dont think the weed is "laced". Having tons of pesticides/nutes is a different story.
  • I once had something similar to this, but not as severe. This one strain of weed I grew (which was a heavy indica) I was having signs of physical addiction. Not nearly as bad as addictions to other drugs Iike pills or booze, but I would notice I would have mild stomach pains in the early part of the day until I smoked up. Then it would go away. Is it possible you've built up a tolerance? Try smoking more/better weed.
  • To think we don't know everything there is to know about weed by now is ridiculous.
  • @josephlo Great input
  • I have been suffering from severe stomach pain and vomiting for over the past 13 years. I have been smoking marijuana for the past 15 years. The ONLY thing that helps at home is a very HOT bath. I have even had to put boiling water in the tub to get relief. When that doesn't work I have to go to the ER in search for relief, as only a strong does of dilaudid and promethazine will calm down my nausea and pain . I have had catscans, abdomninal x-rays, MRI's, HIDA scans just to name a few. I also had my gallbladder removed over year ago. Still no relief. I cannot eat hardly at all lately. Everything I eat comes back up.

    I started doing some research on my own searching for the terms "hot bath and stomach pain". I came across the topic of cannabinoid hyperemesis the other day. EVERY symptom listed for CH is what I have. Colicky pain, nausea and vomitting. I would have never thought this could be the cause. It has always helped me but now I am wondering if it was only harming my body. I have gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying) and the doctors always wondered how I got the gastroparesis. This is most common in diabetics. Now that I have read-up on CH and realized that long term use of marijuana can cause gastroparesis, a light bulb went off in my head. Could all of my pain and suffering be attributed to marijuana? It is surely starting to look that way. I LOVE to smoke and the thought of quitting is going to be hell, but I pray it will be worth it in the long run.

    I just got out of the hospital today after a 5 day stay. Numerous tests again and no results. I read that this could be hereditary and that some people's bodies react differently in breaking down the THC. Therefore, I believe this is why not all marijuana smokers experience this. I would love to hear anyone's input on this. Thanks in advance.

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