Any tabletop role-players?
  • Probably a long shot, but are there any tabletop role-playing gamers here? D&D, etc? I've been playing a special friends and family playtest of that one game that one must sign an NDA to play lately, but I've also been running Unknown Armies (@duncantrussell really needs to take a look at that) and some other stuff. I'm about to start a Dark Matter d20 game, too. Any other gamers out there?
  • I play D&D 3.5 with friends and will probably get pathfinder when this current adventure is over. If we get a couple more people together we could use openrpg and have a family hour adventure.
  • dude! i posted about this awhile ago! I got my 20 sided dice ready
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  • I've played D&D 4.0 a decent amount. Never really had a proper DM, though. Thought about hiring a legit DM but haven't found one that is willing to put up with all the weed and ridiculous tangents we try to take them on, haha.
  • I used to play Magic the Gathering, does that count? I've also got a sack full of 20 sided dice somewhere
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  • Used to play d&d and magic, but I'm 30 now and that makes it hard to find a game.
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    No one played White Wolf Gaming Studios or Word of Darkness


    Once you go d10, you never go back.
  • Just bought some more dice now that I am playing a regular game twice a month. Playing at the neighbors house makes it real easy.
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  • never played it myself although i always thought it could be a lot of fun to get a bunch of really funny people together and play some. could turn into something really great. i love that documentary'dungeon masters'. pretty entertaining if you are into this kind of stuff. it kind of makes a mockery out of it but its fun to watch nevertheless. i always hear good things about the game 'pathfinder' so if i did try out this style of game itd probably be that one i think...
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  • I play D&D 2nd Edition then 3rd, 3.5 and now Pathfinder! Despite having a fondness for D&D we've always had a pretty fun group that's about enjoying it over min/maxing everything and treating it like a video game.
  • If you haven't seen it already, check out It's written by artist/porn actor Zak Sabbath. He plays D&D with his friends from work (punk porn girls) and writes about it.

    There is very little porn on the site, it's actually nearly sfw. Zak's art, module creation and thoughts on the game are really well put together. Lot's of great ideas for DMs.
  • I played D&D, but mostly Whitewolf games. My group mostly played Vampire the masquerade but also had people come in and play Mage, and Werewolf. I was writing a cyberpunk story to play but all my friends who game moved away. I miss it though i really want to game again.
  • Not sure if anyone is still interested, but I'm totally down for running a Google Hangout-based old school D&D game.
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    I'm in! @mattstaggs
  • Hey @nater, I'll see what I can do. @bignasty, Pathfinder might be a little much for me to handle right now. We may have to go very rules-lite/old school dungeon crawl style, just because I've got so much stuff I'm juggling (podcast, etc. etc. etc.)
  • What do you guys think about the new Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG RPG? I love that, and I've got the rules and can walk you through it.
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    Sounds good to me I love old D&D type RPG's, Do I have to get a webcam to participate if we use Google hangout?

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  • Yeah, a webcam would be ideal, but don't spend any money yet. We're still just talking.
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    what would be the minimum number of people we need to play? 4?
  • never seen this one you guys are talking about.
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    Seems like the dice rolling and adding up takes up most of the time. Why don't people use number generators?
  • Apropos of @duncan's comment, here's an online companion/dice roller for "Dungeon Crawl Classics"

    Regarding online play, number generators are a must. That being said, I greatly prefer the clatter of dice when playing in meatspace. I keep my dice in a cigar box and Crown Royal bag for extra Old School juju.

    And here's the game itself. I've got the rulebook, and it's dead easy to play. I may also add that it's totally metal: killer crits, random spell effects, holds barred old school DnD:
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    @duncan we need the counting to keep out minds limber.
  • @mattstaggs that is a good one. my group and I use it.
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    I just wanted to share this beautiful description of my favorite tabletop RPG from reddit. It's why I can't play D+D anymore. Most of the core rule books are on bittorrent I believe... I could be convinced into running a game... PLEASE YOU FUCKERS?

    Nekose 39 points 1 year ago
    be prepared to not understand it at all, at least at first.
    Here's a crash course in some common subjects to ease you into it:
    Mage is probably the single most complex system I've ever used. The complexity doesn't lie in the system, it comes from the application of the spheres of magic. By using or combining them, you can produce LITERALLY any effect you can think of. Explaining how your character performs that with his/her paradigm is a different story.
    Basically, mages are given incredible cosmic power, but they don't understand how it works. Like any human, they began to rationalize different rules that govern it, even if they dont realize they are doing it. This forms your paradigm. If you spent your life practicing martial arts, then suddenly have the power to throw a semi truck down the street, you'll probably believe you have stumbled on a way to master your own Chi.
    Conversely, if you are a world renowned scientist, and you suddenly find a way to magically transmute lead to gold, you'll probably think it was the nanomachines you built that are doing the work.
    The point is, these things work because a mage BELIEVES it will work. They believe it harder then anything we have ever believed in their lifes. If the martial arts master were to become a parapalegic, he would think he has lost the ability to control forces around him. If hte scientist doesnt have his equipment, he will believe it is impossible to transmute matter. These limitation flavor your character, and also serve as the challenges you try to overcome.
    the flip side of magic is that everyone has been doing it from the beginning of time without realizing. Every mom and pop who magically communicates across the global with a "cell phone" believes it isn't magic anymore. The age of science has set into the "subconscious consensus" a universal paradigm for most of the modern world. 747's levitate through the sky, nuclear fuel creates energy from nothing, and modern science has allowed us to create life from scratch. All of these are magic. The difference is, so many people believe its normal, reality has accepted it.
    Awakened mages get to deal with what happens when reality doesn't accept what you believe. If you lose control of your belief, reality might just notice the paradox you are performing. eventually, this can cause reality to reflexively lash out at you, leading to all kinds of horribleness. Witnessing Sleepers, people who haven't awakened, make this problem even worse.
    So the trick is to do magic coincidentally. Sure you could make gold bars by using sufficient amounts of the matter sphere, but this will be very difficult and very vulgar (a term used to describe magic that reality disagrees with)
    Instead, magic is better used coincidentally. Using the sphere of entropy you can control randomness to win the state lottery. Its a 1 in a million chance, but it COULD happen. Reality is none the wiser.
    Im starting to ramble, i may submit more if you are interested.

    Another major topic is the Technocracy, or as they used to be called, the Order of Reason.
    You see, in older days the traditions spent most of their time arguing with each other about whos interpretation of magic was correct, or at least the most practical. The order of Hermes spent absurd amounts of time cataloging the nature of magic, while the original members of the Cult of Ecstasy were busy hanging out with Dionysus in giant orgies that got so out of control they ended with everyone eating each other (cool story actually, read up on Dionysus if you're curious about his original festivals.)
    The point is, all of the major mages were busy intellectually masturbating and had completely forgotten about the rest of humanity. All the poor bastards who hadn't awakened were at the mercy of a world full of people who still believed in monsters, and when the whole world thinks they are real, it makes them real.
    Along comes a group of people who decide to do some good for the world. They called themselves the "Order of Reason". They would defend the common man, and provide tools that laymen could use without magic. They decided that all of the different approaches to magic did nothing but muddle the waters for the average person. If all styles of magic are equally correct, why not just pick one and stick with it? Once you've done that, you can even eventually teach everyone to believe in it!
    Thus began the world as we know it. The Order of Reason began with the best of intentions, the world became safer. No more dragons stealing princesses. No more fairies kidnapping your children out of their cribs at night. John and Jane Doe's quality of life vastly increased.
    But with this progress came sacrifice. The Order of Reason had to convince the world that the old ways were wrong. Thus began the witch hunts, the crusades, and the destroying of countless books and teachers of the older forms of magic. The traditional mages, to caught up in their own infighting, realized what was happening far to late. The order of reason had sculpted the way the world worked, and the subconscious consensus believed it.
    The Renaissance came, and with the Order's backing ushered in the age of Science and Progress that everyone had dreamed of. Soon after that the industrial revolution set the gears in motion with so much inertia the machine wouldn't be able to stop even to this day. The world is now safe from the unknown, by virtue of the masses denying it's very existence.
    But the traditions still exist. They've changed their strategies, and now actually have an agenda. They exist to wake up the sleepers, to convince the world that their is much more to life then reality TV and microwave meals. They work behind the scenes one step at a time to reawaken belief. Belief that life as you've known it is only a tenth of what it could be.
    But the Order of Reason has set the world deep in its trenches. Nowadays they're known as the "Technocracy". They are the men in black, the G-man, and every other government cover up conspiracy you've ever heard of. Their goal is to maintain the status quo. Life is good enough how it is, and they'll fight to defend what they've created.
    and that's the setting you're smack in the middle of.

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    I have run Traditional and Technocracy campaigns.

  • I have been GMing and playing table top games for 16 years, since the age of 14. I have charector sheets that are 12 years old. I have GM'd AD&D (up to 3.5) palladium fantasy, RIFTS, AD&D Dark Sun, Warhammer (Also play the table top game) Mutants, Heroes, Ninjas and super spys, GURPS, Call of Cthulu and many more. If we could get our hands on it we would give it a go. We did a gaming podcast for a while (its called Bend Bars Lift Gates, I think its on itunes and I also dont think it was very good lol)

    Im getting ready to put together a RIFTS campaign where my players (they dont know it yet) will play both a gun running group of mercs as well as a group of coalition bent on hutting the same gun runners down! So they will roll play both the protag and the antagonist. Be interesting to see how it plays out. I also have friends who dont game often willing to play plants in the group that are giving disinformation and actually work for the coalition. I will have them give the group ideas that constantly lead to the coalition tightening there grip on them and see how long it takes before somone says "You know what? I think Jeff is a damn spy!"

    I am all about roll playing. As a player I have played everything! I have roll played a female orc warrior whos goal was to get impregnated by the most powerful warrior she could find (lots of fun, everytime the warrior in our group would roll a natuaral 20 in combat my charector would get arroused) I played a grell that was a member of the fiery liberation movement. I played a pacifist cleric who never contributed in a single combat phase. I played a brazilian anti-monster in rifts whom I have played off and on with the same gm for over ten years! The list goes on and on. So much fun and a great way to spend a evening with friends!

    If you have any questions pertaining to table top gaming shoot me a message! I love talking RPGs!
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    Any army of nerds!? What do I need an ARMY of nerds for? If I had just FOUR, just FOUR PLAYERS with the dedication, knowledge, and wisdom of @Pondefecate my Revised M:tA campaign would be a reality!

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