DOOM Metal/Stoner Rock
  • I figure there are quite a few smokers and metal heads on here by some of the posts i've read. This thread is for the slow and heavy. I had been on a steady diet of black and death metal for years until i finally started hearing more doom and it kind of broke me out into something new. I hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you're listening too!

    Electric Wizard: This shit is ultra heavy. I was playing this song one time when i picked up my ex and her drunken friends and the distortion and heaviness had this girl puking all over the place.

    Sleep: Sleep rules. I love this record Holy Mountain. They also have an album called Dopesmoker which was one long track, over an hour and a half if i remember right. You can also find it out there in the world under the album name Jerusalem.

    Om: Om started off with Al Cisneros (bass) & Chris Hakius (drums) out of the ashes of the above band Sleep. I now feel like a dumb ass because i messaged Duncan on FB and suggested he check out this band not realizing that his best friend Emil Atmos is the current drummer. Blast off and lay back with some headphones on and dig this.

    Kyuss: Before Queens of the Stone Age a few of the dudes were in this band. Killer stoner rock.

    Thou: This is doom metal but these guys are all hardcore kids who play it. And they nail it. Also if you ever get a chance to catch these guys live you wouldnt believe how active a doom band could be live. Smoke Pigs is more of their straight forward hard and heavy, they've got some great melodic sounding stuff too.

  • yessssssss. IMO this slower metal is so much more listenable than death metal, for example. Melvins are great too.

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  • Melvins are fucking great. I love that track Boris. Stoner Witch is a great album too. I havent delved super deep into the Melvins discography but i'm slowly making my way through. Yeah this stuff is a way easier listen than black and death metal. I listen to those other genres too, just not nearly as much anymore. I need to be in a certain mood, i've been listening to a lot of thrash lately though.
  • Funeralopolis was playing during my first great experience with weed. Never looked back. Going to see Sleep play live in a month!
  • Sunn0)))) - Julian Cope has worked with them.
    Om - great!!!
    Khante - Skin Coat (you wanna hear the most scary song ever....this escaped from Pinhead and Hellraiser)....
    Eyes that have seen will know what I mean - Todd Rundgren
  • Eyes that have seen will know what I mean - Todd Rundgren
  • Oh fuck yeah, now we're talking!

    Ahab! Listening to this shit when really stoned is amazing. I can almost smell the salty seawater and hear the distant, angry shouts from cap. Ahab himself.

    And since Electric Wizard was mentioned:
    Dunwich, their best song in my oppinion(i love all the Lovecraftian shit in this)

    Satanic rites of Dragula

    Holyshit, this is some good stuff right there!
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  • @piquiod Sunn 0))) is one of my favorites, so good. this thread makes me want to get some weed.

    heres a creepy song with spoken word vocals

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  • dudes, fuck yeah. dudes.

    was seriously just vibing hard on some live clips from Roadburn, check this shit out

    decent sound quality, fucking incredible performances.
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  • One of my favorites as of late is the great Harvey Milk

    This is a pretty good live representation.

  • I fucking love this forum, you guys rule!! Here are some of the bands that all the doom bands around now were probably influenced by.
    Iron Claw


    and of course, can't leave this band out

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  • My Wall is the Cope collaboration!! Rite on!
    Eyes that have seen will know what I mean - Todd Rundgren
  • Yes! great suggestions in here. Someone had to mention the almight Pentagram. Piquiod if you like Khanate i'm guessing you probably also dig Burning Witch? I can only listen to Sunn O))) and Boris when i'm high as a kite.

    Strangebrew, are you going to see Sleep in San Fran?

    Here is a clip from roadburn of this crushing doom outfit from chi town called Bongripper. Heavy as fvkk!

    Burning Witch - History of Hell. These guys only played live a few times. A g uy at my old record store told me people were th rowing up from how heavy these guys were.

  • i love most bands already mentioned

    ill add abandon......

    and skepticism....

  • MK667 said:

    Strangebrew, are you going to see Sleep in San Fran?

    I wish I was! I'll be seeing them in Glasgow, Scotland
  • lot of you guys have probably seen this already but *FOR THE UNINITIATED*

  • Eyehategod and Witchcraft
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  • Clutch - The Yeti

    Clutch - Spacegrass

    Clutch - Red Horse Rainbow

    Clutch - Ship of Gold

    Clutch is one of my favorite bands.
  • Iron Monkey has some good tracks in the vein of EyeHateGod

    the world was waiting just for you
  • Check out my buddy's DOOM & DRONE metal from Belgium, DTFH forum!
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  • @piquiod Sunn 0))) is one of my favorites, so good. this thread makes me want to get some weed.

    heres a creepy song with spoken word vocals

    Sunn O))) is awesome.

  • lot of you guys have probably seen this already but *FOR THE UNINITIATED*

    Hell yeah dude!!! Haven't seen this yet, thanks man!!!

  • MK667MK667
    I havent seen it yet either. I've heard about it though and have been wanting too. Thanks for the link. They are supposed to be coming out with a documentary called "Slow Southern Steel" I think. Dealing with a lot of the southern doom/sludge bands.

    Eyehategod: Loudest band I've ever seen. Intense.

    Weedeater: They are on tour right now with another excellent doom outfit called Cough. SEE THEM.

  • I really enjoyed this whole album, purple mercy has band members from life long tragedy and sabretooth zombie in it.
  • Mind = Blown gents.

    Also I thought that little mini-documentary on this track was awesome too! Thanks DTFH forum!
  • Found this song today and can't get enough of it

  • So much fine taste in here, chums!
  • LonoLono
    Tons of good stuff already posted, I'm surprised I haven't seen any Neurosis though. They are more than Doom, but they definitely qualify with the stuff posted here. Albums like Through Silver in Blood, Enemy of the Sun and Times of Grace are some of my all time favorites.
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  • MK667MK667
    Yeah Neurosis fits in for sure. Times of Grace is a great one but my favorite is their straight up punk stuff on Pain of Mind.

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  • LonoLono
    @MK667, I have an first run CD of Pain of Mind, I received it as a present and was told it's pretty rare because apparently it's out of print now. I don't know though, I have my doubts. The cover art is awesome, and there is some cool songs on there, but I like modern Neurosis way better personally. Have you heard the Sovereign EP? If you like Times of Grace I would imagine you would really like that.

    @trahker, kudos on posting Spacegrass! That's one of my all time favorites and I haven't heard it in a few years.

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  • MK667MK667
    @Lono It could be worth a bunch man. People are really into getting originals put out by their original labels. I've seen some black metal Cd's go for near 200 bucks on ebay. There are ways you can check online. Last year my friend had a record swapmeet at his house. It was all punk kids and stuff who run their own distros and labels. Some guy had an original Pain of Mind on vinyl. I wanted it so bad but it was 60 bucks. In the end i just care that i'm able to listen to it. I'll check out that Sovereign and let you know what i think of it.

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  • I'm really into this band JUJU their ep is is free on facebook, i can only a few youtube clips.
  • MK667MK667
    Nice posts NHEL. If you like that doom mixing with hardcore kind of sound, you'd probably like some Seven Sisters of Sleep too!

  • I can't get enough of this video, totally worth the ad at the begining

    Does it have Mrs. Piggy? Does it have a clown? Then why is it funny?
  • MK667MK667
    Hahahha. That video was really funny. My favorite is the Red Hot Chilli Peppers spoof in it.
  • If you know how to appreciate sonic detail in music then you will love this band

    "the world it spins on a crooked axis, left it twitching by the road"
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  • NaleNale
    Just trying to join the party

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  • MK667 said:

    This thread is for the slow and heavy.

    Listen to the new Dead Sea Apes album on their Bandcamp page if the above quote is your thing. Not really DOOM or Stoner, more like Drone Instrumental but you guys might like it.
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  • MK667MK667
    Yeah i meant to encompass Drone and all the others in there but I figured ya'll would pick up on that. I'll check it out.

    @Bummer one of the first interests i ever had in doing mushrooms was someone posting a story about eating shrooms and listening to that Earth album and watching sound waves come out of their speakers.
  • This fan-made video has amazing synchronicity.

    and my soul has been psychedelicized
  • Nale said:

    Just trying to join the party

    this album is great. It and the new high on fire, and the new sleep dopesmoker reissue, and the new torche are all on repeat in my car right now.

    im house sitting for my parents this weekend, and i can't wait to fucking crank the shit out of dopesmoker on their crazy stereo.

    Also , essential:

  • Another Sleep song, my personal favorite -

    "The world is one magical motherfucker."

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