The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock
  • ok fellow multiverse thinkers and people of such ilk. lets discuss the interesting ideas and theories posed by mr. wilcock in this mind bending read. if you have not ventured upon this book yet, i highly recommend it. but who am i? just do yourselves a favor and check it out!
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  • i refuse to believe that no one on here has read this book.
  • I read it. It is certainly a very interesting collection of theories and there is a lot of good science in it. There is also a lot of speculation, which is fine with me. The most interesting topic to me was all the pineal and DMT symbolism encoded into ancient art. The space-time/time-space theory was also very interesting, and seems like a very simple solution to faster than light travel.
    एकम् सत् विप्राः बहुधा वदन्ति
    That which exists is One, but sages call it by various names.
  • megmeg
    Sounds like a book I need to read. Thanks...I will order it today.
  • wilcock....does anyone have any street cred on him?"david+wilcock"+~idiot
    i know at least at one point is his career he was claiming to be edgar cayce reincarnated...and that's cool and all, but he loses a little steam coming out of the gate with me.

    there mighta been some reptilian nonsense mixed in there too, maybe not. oh no wait, it appears someone's been calling HIM a reptilian. peas in a pod, those nutbags.

    if this book at all refers to the Zero Point Field, which if you've not heard posits that at even at absolute zero, when there's should be no energy theoretically, it can still be observed see here : or here

    if i butchered the zpf there, it's because i fell in love with and haven't stopped recommending this book (without retaining the knowledge?):

    this book is fas-fucking-cin-fucking-na-fucking-ting, and completely devoid of crazy. rather, she's collected and cites studies and such and explains things using cool examples, but i do not believe she comes out and says she has the answers. read those quotes on the cover, and i've not really studied her detractors, but they're out there probably.

    my 2 cents say hold off on wilcock until you've gotten some science. (maybe bruce lipton or malcolm gladwell...but thats more interpersonal type stuff)
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  • orgoneorgone
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    One more nutbag pea in the pod right here, Wilcock is a self conscious con in my opinion based on his lectures, and he is a reptilian, what the reptilians are of course is a matter of controversy. :)
  • i tried getting a search list of "david wilcock" + "horse's ass" but it didn't come out right. David Wilcock is a Fraud & Here's Why!, page 1
  • My gf's grandma is really cool and into all of the shit that is spoken about here. She always is giving me books to read. This one had some decent info , but I felt as if it was a half assed attempt at amalgamating other people's work into a book packaged together for his cult of new age followers who exclusively follow his conferences and buy his products. Many of these supposed gurus are more interested in money than enlightening others imo.
  • your resonse to memaw has to be what? "yeah, that's pretty interresting"

    this one came from a woman i'm related to by birth, my first response was "tell me you're not paying for this shit"

    followed by:
  • I didn't address the author in my first post, and probably should have. As far as the man himself, Wilcock is an egomaniac and sells a lot of false hope. I really don't like the guy and can't tell if he is a conscious con, or just a useful fool for handlers higher on the food chain. As Etheric mentioned, most of the ideas in this book aren't Wilcock's. He took them from various sources, some very reputable and some very iffy. He then glued them together with some of his speculation.

    There are some gems in there, but you have to have a pretty solid background in sciences and history to decipher what is actually proven, what is theoretically possible, what is alternatively possible, and what is speculation. Wilcock presents it all as fact. He sometimes started chapters with, "Having sufficiently proven A, B, and C...therefore D, E, F." When in reality, only A was proven fact, B was scientific theory, and C was scientific sounding speculation. That is the trap people can fall into.

    With those warnings, I still think it is a worthwhile read for those who are open minded to all types of different possibilities, but who still have the toolbox to avoid logical traps. Is it a good read? Yes. It thought provoking? Yes. Is it true? Probably not. Just remember while reading that it is mostly speculation despite how awesome it sounds. Also, not to put down speculation; it is a legitimate part of the scientific process that develops early ideas that are not yet robust enough to be a testable, falsifiable or worthy of being a formal hypothesis.
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    एकम् सत् विप्राः बहुधा वदन्ति
    That which exists is One, but sages call it by various names.
  • never read it but i have watched lectures and thought they were intresting. now after reading the claims against him i think yes he may be a fraud but if it wasent for this possible con i may have never found some of the amazing people i know today
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  • Although Wilcock may be a fraud, this book still holds some validity. after all he was not the one conducting these experiments. this is definitely one of those "give a little, take a little books". and by that i mean you have to get a little crazy in order to grasp some of the concepts posed. I was astonished by the pyramid power section. i have done some browsing on the net and the experiments wilcock talks about seem sound. the fact that they placed a dull razor in a plexy glass and pvc constructed pyramid and its entire "self" was altered. the razor became sharp......WHAT! also the cancer cells placed in the pyramid all of a sudden rearrange to become aid to the body rather than harm. What are your opinions on Phantom DNA, another very interestig topic brought up
  • this thread makes me very sad tbh... i really thought people on this board were smarter than this.

    You people say shit like hes "speading false hope" and "oh he claims to be this and that" Missing the point entirely.

    From reading and following davids work i have learned nothing but the spreading of positive energy and love is what life is all about, and that we are here on earth to learn and help others. If you want to classify that as "false hope" than good for you , you negative prick.

    If you really believe hes a "reptillian" or a "con-man" hes doing a pretty fuckin bad job...

    People always love to instantly bring up and chuckle " oh he thinks he was edgar cayce" and laugh about it. If you listen to his 4 hour interview with project camelot he makes it pretty clear that that speculation was mainly the perseption and conclusion of people around him who constantly telling him that "you looks exactly like edgar cayce" He took it one step further by comparing their astrological charts and noticed they were very very similar. THATS IT. He has also often said that he doesnt even like to talk about it or bring that up, its insignificant, but interesting.

    Anyway im not here to defend his every action, i get nothing but positive loving vibes from David Wilcock.
  • I figured this would be a good place to post this

    i love this interview with Graham Hancock and have seen it many times, Aparently Graham had said afterwords it was one of the best interviews he had ever done.

    David also is helping promote Grahams Book sale going on this week for Entangled, which is where i found out about it. - must be another one of his fraud attempts according to this thread though.
  • Why support this guy? He may have some valid things to say, although he doesn't know himself if what he says is true or not. He is not in it to spread the truth- but to make a buck on your expense. It's one thing if he actually did some homework... All he does is copy and pastes Internet garbage and knowing spews false lies. Face it - he is a scammer

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