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  • About this time last year I was lookin for a long lost friend online . . and the daemonic succubus that is named Google told me he had in fact died in '08 . . damn . . so I scavenged through my belongings and found the last letter he ever wrote to me in '05, which discussed topics that I had not been familiar with at the time (but knew one day i'd be in to so consequentially saved the letter knowing it would end up being a breadcrumb trail as I go traipsing through the chaotic vortex that is esoteric studies) . . . In the letter He talked about concepts from the Qaballah and the sphere known as Da'at to tarot, to death and resurrection - he was a weirdly intense kinda guy . . at that time I had NO IDEA what the hell he was talking about. .
    He told me I had to learn about Promethea. . . So, I picked up a set of the series last summer and lost my brain over the implications and coincidences that story takes the reader through . . It's like a compendium of occult and esoteric technologies that span all space and time . . the symbolism in that series is INCREDIBLE. . Unless you're tuned in to that sort of thing it may go over your head a bit. . and the weird thing is, I ONLY appreciated Promethea because for the year prior I had started reading Crowley and learning about weird death goddesses like Ereshkigal, and had begun unraveling the mysteries of Tarot and Hebrew Alephs and all these concepts. . . Only took me 6 years to get with the program from the time my friend first told me about it . . .Better late than never I guess, fuck!
    Ever since I read the book, I see little seeds of Promethea all over the damn place and i'm left feeling pretty amazed someone was able to pull that much information through into a lil ole graphic novel series.
    Anyone else have the same sort of experience with Promethea? Minus the whole long lost dead friend google deal, thats shitty, and I hope your path is better then that!
    Cheers and Bless!
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  • Promethea is by Alan Moore , JH Williams III and Mick Grey
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  • I've wanted to read these, wish I had bought them when I first saw them. Fifth and first book are pricey for new copies.
  • I found a good deal on eBay, and i magickally only paid 32$ for them, which is significant to the series lol. but yeah.
    they sell in a variety of ways. either 32 seperate copies, or like . . 3 Promethea Absolutes . . .
    I'd share my copies with you except, they've been enshrined upon my altar and cannot be touched by infidel hands. lol ;)
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  • I'd lend you mine but my copies are all jizz-stained.

    I exploded all over them as I beheld their awesomeness...
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  • Savage, sure hope you made a sigil with all that jizz . . . thats the only way to do it you know. push something excellent into the morphegenetic field
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  • this is my faaaav Alan Moore ever . . .
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  • I started reading the first volume in the library and ending up spending the whole day there reading through the series. Moore's stuff is top-notch. From Hell is another one of my favorites. I've also heard good things about his novel Voice of the Fire
    If you thought Promethea was a bombshell of condensed esoteria in graphic format, you should read some of Grant Morrison's stuff. *cough Invisibles cough*
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  • I KNOW!!!! i was just talking about that in the unofficial chat!!! sigil work and whatnot!! i've been trying to get my greedy mitts on some Invisibles work foreal!! i love his 45 minute long conversation on disinformation on youtube!!
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  • @EvaDeva Nahh, I just exploded the instant I touched them.

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  • "Shhh! Can You smell that?" lol well done sir. . . .
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  • thank you, Kamehameha.
    he died young - age 30 - too much alcohol. watch out for those fish-hooks!
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  • --
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  • Alan Moore is pretty excellent.
    When he went through his mid-life crisis he proclaimed himself to be a magickian. . ha. . he has a lot of really great interviews on YouTube.
    He also wrote From Hell, A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Constantine, and christ knows what all but he absolutely abhors hollywood turning them all in to movies - legend has it he received payment for one of them, turned payment for the rest away and now doesn't even want his name mentioned in the credits.

    The Invisibles sounds excellent, and Grant Morrison is pretty cool as well, chaos-y.
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  • You people are Speaking MY Language!!!

    Read VOICE OF THE FIRE. And when you do, read it aloud. That's where the magick meets you.

    I've said this before on here, but THE INVISIBLES is the equivalent of my bible.

    Oh shit! did anybody else here about this:

    Grant Fucking Morrison

    JH Fucking Williams III

    Frank Quitely and More!

    "Expect maximum rock 'n' roll, chaos magic, mind-bending esoterica, sharp suits, surprise guests, and once-in-a-lifetime performances, all wrapped up in the glory that is comics, comics, and more comics." - Grant Morrison

    September 28-30 in Las Vegas.... One on One time with the talent...

    Think about it: 1000 psychedelic chaos magicians in the same hotel in Las Vegas with The Psychedelic Shaman... Oh my god, i'm getting chills just typing this...

    Tickets go on sale May 9th... Join Me!
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  • sitarsitar
    i am working on book 2 right now, and its so poignant. the scene where she shows the children all the magical storybook characters, sendak's wild things are there...
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  • jesus effing christ its 700 dollars lol!

    I started reading the Invisibles after I heard about it in this forum...

    I am at the part where grant morrison gets captured and the secret elite is torturing him
  • ath3n4 said:

    jesus effing christ its 700 dollars lol!

    Prices are down to the lowest I've seen them on Amazon right now! You can get all five trade paperbacks for $70-80ish.

  • sitarsitar
    i just finished book three. i'm not super into jesus, or anything, but i was moved by the jesus part.
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  • I've been on the fence about buying this series for awhile, the experimental style of artwork is pushing me to buy it. After I finish getting all the doom patrol books I'll have to pick up a copy
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  • If you have an Ipad, or other tablet, get a program called 'Comic Zeal'. You can download the files on the pirate bay, or isohunt in .cbr format and read them on your electronic buddy. I, however, did not do that, nor do I suggest that you should either.
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  • or you can change the .cbr extension to .rar and read the comic with the defualt preview program on any mac. I only do this with series that are way overpriced.
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  • ^ oh, he's good.
    The future ahead of us is beyond our wildest imaginings. It can't be any other way. Business as usual is off the menu.
  • sitarsitar
    I am so enjoying promethea. It's my current treat to myself, like when i score a new client, or complete a job and get paid, or something like that. A big paypal just came through, so its off to the comic store for the last book tomorrow!

    and I want to have this in hard copy. Its as much of a reference book as it is a comic, and I know I'm going to be pawing through it for years to come.

    I'm having a good time chewing on the relationship between the sun and the moon and christianity and islam right now. and king solomon (jewish) right in the middle.
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  • I can't wait to read it!
  • I was talking to a friend the other day about how what we all really need right now is the rebirth of a strong, not overly sexualized feminine archetype. We talked about how Hunger Games, regardless of what you thought of the book or movie, kind of fit into that paradigm. Then @EvaDeva mentioned this series the other day. I started reading it last night, and that's precisely what it is. It also began to be published at the turn of the millennium, which is interesting. On a side note, June 5th/6th will be the transit of Venus in front of the sun for the last time in our lifetimes. The synchronicities abound. I am exceptionally excited for the future, and I eagerly await the reawakening of the feminine creative energy.
    The future ahead of us is beyond our wildest imaginings. It can't be any other way. Business as usual is off the menu.
  • @Klorptar I think you would enjoy "The Sword" from the Luna Brothers.

  • Thanks. I'll check it out.
    The future ahead of us is beyond our wildest imaginings. It can't be any other way. Business as usual is off the menu.
  • Promethea was the equivalent of an entheogenic life/death/rebirth sequence for me. Integration was difficult but rewarding. I feel you.
  • I fell off this forum HARD: and moved my meat body across the nation. it happens. Wicked stoked a number of you are into the same weirdo stuff I am.
    So glad Promethea has added some wonders to your lives.
    The story continues!
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