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    Hey early Lavender Lads and Purple Popes! You've stumbled upon the forum. It's not quite ready yet, but feel free to post and play while it's in its infancy.

    By the time we're done we'll have a few more categories, not just podcast discussion and amorphous "general". What kind of categories would you like to see on the forum? News discussion? Bangbus Tracker? Let us know here!
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  • awesome big fan stig!!!! its not letting me make a general topic and my email was confirmed? anyone else have this problem?
  • i think we should start with podcast forum, news and current events stories(just business and serious discussion), drugs and psychedelic forum and a just messing around forum and let it evolve from there!!! thanks for the forum!!

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  • also if you need help moding the place i can help. im a dt super fan and want this place to stay positive!!! let me know!!!
  • I think a comedy forum would be good, nice to discuss new albums and specials.
  • Politics forum? So we can stay up to date on the latest bills they're tryin to ram up our ass.

    Maybe a conspiracy forum?

    I have the documents
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  • Science forum; should be limited to summaries of peer-reviewed studies, and articles/videos/etc filled to the fuckin brim with empirical data
  • 1 podcast discussions
    2 news clips and serious debates(politics,policies, books and documentaries)
    3psychedelic and higher experiences(meta physical talk, unexplained, aliens)
    4just messin around(girls, food, beer, call out threads)
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  • Books, Documentaries, DIY/Permaculture (Off-grid living), Mind Expansion (Chemical Life), Tin Foil Hats, #Occupy relevant, In the Headlines, Console sux (PC Gaming), Music, Local Culture, Stand Up, Fail vids/pics.

    I don't really expect all of those to go through, I'd be happy if any of them did. I'm not entirely against the idea of many topics, and maybe merging or ditching ones that end up not being used. It's kind of annoying when all of page 1 becomes page 2 in the same day imo, with a mash up of relevance.

    Science, I like it
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  • lets not compartmentalize too much off the start keep it general with 4 sections then let it grow from there if need be
  • I certainly think that drugs/psychedelics should have it's own category. I feel with the close relationship between Duncan and psychedelics, and given that it's fueled ideas for myself and many others, it at least deserves it's own category for us "delinquents" to traverse.

    I also second the notion that a Politics/News section should be added. I know that political topics cluttered up ST101, and continue to do so. I think it would be a good idea to not have that same level of clutter here.
  • Might be a good idea to leave the "drugs" out of the convo. Im not saying they wont be discussed, I am just saying that having a forum area dedicated to them could bring trolls and heat from leo
  • @Dhal_is_irie,
    a DIY/Permaculture/Gardening/HippieShit-type of category would definitely be dope to have in there!
  • A lot of these category suggestions sound like really awesome topic threads, I don't know if we need like 15 subforums though guys.
    I think bold's suggestion looks pretty solid.
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  • sections for comedy, psychedelics, and politics/activism clearly...

    and screened callers for the podcast would be awesome/funny.

    thank you for creating my new favorite forum, seriously
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  • Podcast, Drug Culture, Politics, Comedy, Spirituality, Film + Music, General.

    Sounds about right I think.
  • thanks docter strib!!! i think 4 is a good number to start with
  • Maybe. But RB has 3/4 and shit talking 101 is a mess. Too limited.
  • so what they have millions of posts this one is just starting
  • @TomButler 2:22PM

    I agree, do we need to focus on it? lets just keep that to the general. Just keep it nice and simple. extra forums are cool.... but too manny and they become deserted wastelands. Not to mention how manny people just post there discussion topics anywhere.
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  • true surf i think 4 is a good start number
  • Fair enough, you're right.
  • This is awesome. Look forward to seeing what goes down here & seeing it grow.
  • i hope duncan posts lots but i dont think so because he was never on the rb which leads me to believe its not his thing
  • @bold - i dont want to speak for duncan, but if i had my own message board i would be on there all day
  • me too dude!
  • some cool forum features would be:

    Signatures- Signatures Plug In Here

    Karma Bank- karma bank Plug In Here

    Who is online- who is online Plug In Here

    Quotes- quotes Plug In Here

    About Me- About Me Plug In Here

    i think most people would agree with me, :)
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    Black Rabbit of Inlé
    The last three sound cool and innocuous enough, but I'm not to keen on the first two. Image signatures tend to be obnoxious, and karma systems tend to unfairly stratify userbases while encouraging bad posting behavior.

    I'll run them by Duncan, see what he thinks.
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  • an advice section would be cool
  • w/ Stig. No need to mirror anything, competition is overrated.

    Just a thought, it is generally easier to merge a(n entire) topic with another one. Rather than creating more topics, then try to move relevant existing threads to the appropriate new topic (or suffer non-localized conversation between two, now irrelevant, topics).

    So there less tedium in the long run after you see what works and what doesn't. Kind of like beta testing. It's not really a matter of what makes sense as much as what's easier to manage if adjustments one way or another need to be made.

    Duncan Trussell: Open Beta
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    “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein
  • @Dhal_is_irie

    the only problem with less is how cluttered it gets, peoples posts are lost in the either before people ever see them. This also increases duplicate posts.

    I also agree that the more categories the more barren they get and people naturally head back to the general forum for all there posting.

    as you say though, this should be treated as the DTF: Open Beta
  • instead of setting up your own full forum why not just buy some sub-forum space from Joe Rogan? Built in audience, tens of thousands of people ready to click on your sub-forum, and you wouldn't have to worry about setting up features because they're already there. Either way it's awesome for you to have a space here and I look forward to contributing positively.
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  • @50gif
    i think it is a nice change overhere, i love the joe rogan forums but its nice to have options.

    and on forums somtimes less it more when it comes to userbase
  • I totally didn't steal the skull avatar idea from you, somehow this forum found the image that I used on my battlefield 3 account, I have no idea how this website went and found that image, which has never been on this computer before
  • @KeepThoseEyesOpen the forum is just Vanilla boards add on to wordpress, it automatically grabs the image from the wordpress account attached to your email.

  • More like this is a government tracking program and they messed up, now I must erase my identity not to reemerge for 10 years
  • A huge problems with the Rogan board is almost all the posting goes in one forum. So stuff flies off the front page and is lost in the abyss of shit threads. Also you don't want too many forums so there aren't whole forums sitting inactive with threads from a long time ago on the first page. So I would suggest having 5-8 forums that are easily distinguishable so that people aren't confused where to post a thread. Forums I think would be a good idea are Science, Current Events or News, Politics, Psychedelia, Podcast, Music, Philosophy or Religion, and Other or Miscellaneous. I suggest that you don't have a general forum so people don't, by default, post everything there. Just choose a few things you want talked about on your forums.
  • I think a social/current events type of forum would be cool.
  • Should be interesting!
  • @50gif

    Because the RB is a festering cunt sore, filled with the most intense pessimists, know-it-all pricks and sarcastic trolling assholes I've encountered online this side of YouTube. (no offense to Joe himself.) Terrible idea.
  • trust the universe and make me a mod
  • ^ I second that.
  • How about an App with cool features like Duncan's upcoming comedy dates and access to this forum. Maybe even streaming the podcast? Although that might take away views from Duncan's iTunes page
  • Hatecamel for mod.
  • I'd love to see some kind of 'good book' forum.
  • No need for clutter, just have two subforums:

    1. Podcast
    2. General

    No special ed, if you're an asshole, bu-byze.
  • podcast sub forum is a must IMO, keep the general chat tidy so a dedicated sub forum can be used to discuss podcasts, topics relating to the podcast etc

    perhaps a "mind altering" sub forum, drug fueled or natural methods could be discussed here.

    and then maybe a comedy sub forum where we can laugh and cry at comics including duncan and co
  • wouldnt mind a buddhism sub forum as well as a psychedelic enthusiast sub forum.

    and this as well "I think a social/current events type of forum would be cool" just so we dont get too caught up in our own little world
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  • post count join date would be nice. you can post pics and vids already
  • seems like join date just fuels the "I joined in 2--- so shut the fuck up poser" stuff
  • i dont expect douches like that on duncans forum

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