Why are we Here?
  • A conversation that sparks a lot of different answers. I don't know or understand human life but I will always ask "Why am I here" is it god? Chance? Aliens? what is your take on this topic? I Was raised Muslim but I don't want to say I am one. I enjoy hearing(Reading) new ideas and am open to anything
  • We're honey bees of the universe
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  • To fuck bitches and get money, obviously.
  • I like Alan Watts' answer.

    It is the dance of the universe. There is only one consciousness, and it is experiencing itself subjectively via all of us.

    You are here because you wanted incarnation, so enjoy it! Yes you thought up all the bad stuff too. There has to be the bitter in the chocolate for it to be so rich and perfect. There has to be the faintest notion that the horrible stuff can and will happen to you, eventually. You are playing a very complicated game with yourself. And you can wake up when you really want to. So keep on enjoying it.
  • I actually feel this question is irrelevant, and for me, stood in the way of me fully enjoying life. Allow me to use a lengthy and clumsy metaphor.

    Life is like attending a football game. You watch the first quarter and are loving it. Then a thought creeps into your head; this is a weird game, who invented this? Why are they playing it and why are we watching it? This whole thing seems a little silly and arbitrary, sure it's fun...but why? They start off as background thoughts but they grow and grow and eventually you are constantly wondering who invented this fucking sport. You ask around, but nobody there really knows. Sure, plenty of people have theories, but it feels like everyone is talking out of their ass. Unfortunately, games are short and before you know it, you spent so much time trying to find out who invented it you missed the last three touchdowns. The game is going to be over sooner than you want anyway, so just find out when it's over and enjoy the damn game.

    Man, that was clunky.
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    Because my parents had sex? Is this one of those trick questions?
  • I dont know non of use do. With that being said I like to think that this reality is a post human computer simulation. Below is a wonderful paper that was suggested to me by @ubster1on that very topic.

    @Wizardsleeve64 please read i think you will enjoy

  • I meant @ubster1
  • to realize my true nature, probably
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  • Why does there have to be a reason? Isn't being alive sufficient?
  • The meaning of life is to prepare for death.
  • We are organizers of information.
  • Because.
    नमः सप्तानां सम्यक् सम्बुद्ध कोटीनां। तद्यथा ॐ चले चुले चुन्दि स्वाहा॥
    ओं मणिपद्मे हूं
  • If it wasn't for us, who would stabilize the economy?
    "Trying to reason with a stubborn female is like trying to fist a urethra." -- wandering_womb
  • We are the product of an ignorant self-replicating molecular machine assembled by chance.
    May all beings be free from harm.
  • I personally feel like it's an irrelevant question.

    We're here because we are equipped to survive - then why do we survive? Because our genes are capable of mutation. Why? The character of nature allows it - molecules are like legos and they fit together in lots of different, self-replicating ways. Why? Fuckin... because! It's the way nature works! Why? ... I don't bother with "why". "How" works just fine.

    "Why" seems to imply purpose or destiny of some kind. I'm kind of a nihilist when it comes to that question. I'm not afraid of being alive just because and I'm trying hard to let go of my fear of the unknown and the unfamiliar - a universe indifferent to my suffering without guarantee of a comforting end or a divine origin. I'm fine with that. It actually makes me feel good sometimes... it's a truly transcendent experience.

    In a way, I've started to embrace the way George Carlin saw the Earth -- "the big electron...... wwwooooo...... wwwooooo...... wwwooooo". We live in a universe of big rocks floating around each other by forces not so different from the forces that hold together the equally empty, equally lonely bits of matter that create us. "We are the universe experiencing itself." It feels good to say the universe doesn't give a shit about me.

    Life is bad fuckin ass. At this stage in my life, I'm much more willing to look to science for an answer to the "why"s and "how"s than anywhere else. And the spiritual realm of experience is still there, transcendental as ever, "down-to-earth" at the same time.

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    Is truth meaningless when only words describe what words are?
  • The problem is that once you ask why a result is here. You're going to look for a cause. Once you know the cause, you seek the cause of the cause. 'If we are made by god, who made god?' 'if we are put here by aliens, who made the aliens?' Etc, etc, etc and so the cycle continues. It's the whole reason a lot of people have trouble accepting something as weird as the universe suddenly existing out of nothing. What the big bang theory is.
  • image
    “Not only is the Universe stranger than we think-it is stranger than we can think.” - Werner Heisenberg
  • Because, man. Just because.
  • The universe is a tool set for for the source to play with itself.
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    There's no why. We just are.
    If you don't have light, you don't have sight.
  • We haven't finished evolving yet. Once we catch up to all the other animals on Earth we will just know intuitively, like they do. We're too young as a species.
    All you need is love
  • to get owldabeetchez
  • To spread love, son!
    "Man is an artifact designed for space travel. He is not designed to remain in his present biologic state any more than a tadpole is designed to remain a tadpole." - William S. Burroughs
  • --
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  • I don't understand any of it, but it sure is a wild fucking trip
  • GodGod
  • The Casimir Effect demonstrates that it's impossible for there to be nothing, even in the vacuum of a blackhole, it's the only time when 0+0=1. And since this is thought to be true, then something must exist in this particular universe, therefore THIS just happens to exist, since something must.

  • to experience
  • Might me to try and live forever...
  • I dont know about you guys, but im here for three things:
    Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll!
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  • We're honey bees of the universe

    I really like this phrase. Fits well with Kurzweil's singularity ideas and the Kardashev scale.
  • withMetta said:

    We are the product of an ignorant self-replicating molecular machine assembled by chance.

    Which means...we are here to follow the guidelines set before us according to the cycles of repetition and replication...

    To acheive the technological level we had acheived during a time lost to our mainstream records...

    Hopefully...we get it right this time !!!

  • We are here to circulate energy like every other living being in the universe. If you want to dive any deeper, then you are a lost soul, in search for a meaning. The answer is all around you. God..I'm such an asshole :P
  • Nobody knows why we are here, so we have to try out different ways of thinking and living until we figure out what makes us feel the best.
  • I'm in the camp of "it doesn't really matter". As humans, I think we need to just focus on what makes us happy, what makes us a better person, and how we can enjoy our lives.

    Sometimes this question reminds me of eating a donut and wondering "Why do donuts taste so good? I know sugar's good, but why does my brain tell me that I like sugar, yadda yadda yadda". I think the better way to eat a donut is to just be thinking "this is a good motherfucking donut".
  • messimessi
    when i was 17 i realised that the point of life is to have fun
  • I don't know about you but I Am here to evolve spiritually and hopefully light the path for others as I do.
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    I measured my waistline in planck lengths and now I feel awful.
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    I wanna be a hippie, but I forgot how to love.
  • We are here to circulate energy like every other living being in the universe. If you want to dive any deeper, then you are a lost soul, in search for a meaning. The answer is all around you. God..I'm such an asshole :P

    We were all lost souls at one point. half the fun in life is finding our own way to circulate the energy. :)
  • Ultimately there may be no purpose. It is impossible to accurately claim a purpose of the human species. The only connection I see between humans and the universe is this cohesive experience of love and at the same time the experience of the decoherence of the positive. I am not convinced whatsoever that we evolved on this planet naturally, however. This I see little evidence for. We are far too different than the plants and animals on Earth. I'm throwing my chips in on experiencing as much love and positivity as possible, though I realize I could be completely mislead at this point in my life.

    I will always be leery of deciding that I have "found the way" because I have experienced this feeling many times in my 20 years already and always am wrong. Each time I discovered that what I found to be absolute in one situation becomes obsolete with time and new experiences. Our destiny is not for us to know right now, just like the other mysteries of the universe are still hidden. But we are ever expanding and gaining. We may one day realize that our species does in fact have a destiny, or not. It is just impossible to know in this moment.
  • to save the world.
  • We're honey bees of the universe

    I've been intertaining this Idea as well.. Nature has an amazing system where every organism has a spicific role, But humans have no role in Earths system.. I think it's fare to assume that the universe has a simular system in place and We are part of that. So Like Honey Bee's we will soon "pollinate" We just have to evolve enough spiritually and technologically.

    We are watching our evolution on a microscopic level. We are fighting and merging cells of the same organism.
  • Certainly there's a point to it.

    We're here, and get reincarnated (much like "Groundhog Day" the movie), and do it over again, until we get it right - as right as we can be.

    We're here to grow and raise our vibration, and the vibrational fields of those around us, until we, as a species and planet, ascend and move into the 5th dimension.

    This process is already underway, and has been for years.

    Work hard at being a better person - for you, your family, your friends, and your global tribe. It's worth the effort.
  • Why not?
  • Because to "be" is all that there is. There is no not-being.

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