Trippy Story Bro: The Jinn
  • Shhh Don't tell anyone about this, Top classified secret among blood kings only...

    The Jinns are the first people for whom the earth was made for. Jehovah made the Jinns to have all the power of Jehovah. The Jinn's technology was the idea mastered by words to form creation. In time the Jinn's creations rivaled that of Jehovah. the great Jehovah grew jealous and bitter of the Jin's creations. So Jehovah created the angels who had all the wisdom and might of the Jin just none of the power to create.

    Jehovah sent the angles to war against the Jin and banished them to the nether world, a dark cold realm of nothing, existing without existence. When Lucifer the great commander of the angels learned of the power of the Jinn he grew angry that he was not given such power and pleaded to Jehovah to be given the power.

    Jehovah grew angry and cruel. He granted Lucifer with the power of creation but banished him with all angelic kind to the nether world where they may rule and create in complete cold and darkness.

    It is then when Jehovah then made man who appeared as an angel but with none of the angels grace, wisdom or power, for Jehovah is infinite in his pettiness.

    Many decades after the time of Adam, the great thief Solomon pleaded with Jehovah to be granted the power to build a mighty temple celebrating Jehovah's greatness. Jehovah was pleased by his creation's tributes and gave Solomon the great seal of Jehovah which gave him power to call upon servants front the nether world.

    Only by now the angels had grown so bitter and angry, their forms had twisted into savage brutality now known as demons.

    The first servant to be called was the old king of the Jinn himself. The Jinn are not the soldier brutes angels are and managed to maintain the regal dignity in the nether world and had no fear of the demons who never quite mastered their power to create in the cold darkness as the Jinn had.

    Soloman laid the plans for the temple out before the king of the Jin, who laughed to himself over this primitive box of rocks. The Jin could have made the temple float above Solomon's kingdom as a great palace in the clouds, but the Solomon lacked imagination and could only in-vision his temple made as a man would with slaves over great amounts of time and so such came to pass and the temple took many years to construct.

    Now life as a servant to the thief is still much better than existing without existence so the old Jinn king took his time meticulously carving out every detail.

    Soloman grew frustrated and impatient with the Jinn king and summoned what he hoped was an angel to assist the Jinn, but by this time only demons could be found in the nether world and all were eager for freedom, only one was chosen who claimed to not need a Jinn to complete the temple.

    Solomon ruled both shall work to complete the temple however the demon was to make himself invisible to eyes of man as any sight of such a beast would cause madness and blindness in the workers.

    Construction of the temple accelerated to a great speed however it was at a horrible human price as many workers suffered horrible accidents during the construction. It is said laughter from an unknown source could be heard before and after each death.

    As the demon raced to finish the temple he convinced the thief Solomon that the Jinn was only slowing him down and he didn't need any help from the old king.

    So Solomon made the Jinn and advisor to his throne. For the Jinn this job was tedious and dull yet better than the nether world, the Jinn yearned to be free but was under the power of the will of Solomon.

    In the final days of the temple's construction the Jinn came up with a plan to win his freedom. Solomon's hunger for women was unmatched by any man with a hiram over 1000 wives strong. The old king made a deal with Solomon, if he could provide the perfect woman to love and be queen at his side above all other wives the old Jinn may at last have his freedom.

    The Jinn king thought hard about his task, trying to find the qualities in women Solomon loved most, but his wives were no help as the had every quality and every kind of body, yet none sat at his side in the great hall. The answer came the the Jinn would have to rely on his own creativity and in a single night created a perfect woman. She had the demeanor of an innocent with the wisdom of a great diplomat. She was chase but with the intimate knowledge of a courtesan. Her beauty was unmatched by any woman, she was a Jewel and this was to be her name.

    When the old Jinn presented Jewel before Solomon the king of thieves was at a loss for words and stood stunned just gazing into her eyes for what seemed to be hours. When the thief spoke, he granted the Jinn his freedom then withdrew with Jewel to the royal bed chambers.

    The old Jinn king flew off into the night. Landing in some unknown stretch of desert where he danced and sang old songs and partied with his creations celebrating his freedom until the dawn.

    As a free Jinn the king returned to the palace of Solomon only to find blood and death flooding the great halls. Soldiers and servants ripped to pieces and made in to an art gallery of horror.

    The Jinn found Solomon covered in blood curled in a ball behind the throne, twisted between rage and crippling sorrow, but not physically hurt at all.

    From what the the Jinn king could piece together, Jewel had lowered the Solomon's will with her charms and the spells over the demon was lost. The demon made himself visible and terrifying to behold. The demon entered the kings bed chamber and took the sleeping Jewel from her bed. With her screams Solomon awoke in time to see the demon eat her head in 3 slow bites then toss her lifeless body on top of him.

    The demon only laughed as the guards stormed in to aid their king. The demon only turned and swatted the troops away like bugs. For the rest of the the demon toyed and chased with all of Solomon's wives devouring them all, next the servants and guards made in to freakish displays of twisted death the demon considered art. By dawn the demon was gone without a trace.

    In a rage Solomon renounced his deal with Jinn king and set him on a task to bring the demon back to face the wrath of Solomon. Promising the Jinn his freedom would only come after the demon was caught dealt with.

    In time the Jinn found the demon feasting on a caravan of tradesman, just sport the demon would say. Jinn bound the beast with unbreakable chains and filled his mouth with sand so he could not utter his obscenities and damnations to the ears of men.

    The Jinn King presented the demon to Solomon who wished the demon bound to a great rock outside the finished temple. A great white owl would feast upon the immortal beast for the life of the kingdom.

    Now came time to grant the Jinn his freedom however Solomon had become weary of immortals and presented the Jinn king with his freedom of the nether word in the form of a large lead jar encrusted with the seal of Solomon on all sides. with a final order Solomon wished the old king into the jar and cast it in to the sea where at the deepest bottom he rests today still yearning for his freedom.

    -Cool story from a good source thought you all may appreciate. Know another version, spit it out.

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